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Thirty-eight unique residences that represent the intersection of art, architecture and life.


as Art.
Art as

The Quinn is an exploration and an expression, looking beyond four walls and asking if the place where you live can be something truly inspiring.

It’s a home born of collaboration, bringing together designers, architects, artists and creatives to craft a truly boutique residence. A special place, for the few who want something truly theirs, in a neighborhood that offers an authentic San Franciscan city experience.

The team behind The Quinn includes a group of creatives that have come together at one of the most important crossroads of design and craft – the home.

RG Architecture

RG Architecture is an award winning San Francisco-based architecture firm that specializes in luxury residences. Their team led the design and concept for the building and the three collections of residences.

"Our architectural concept was inspired by the history of the neighborhood and its industrial heritage as well as its transformation to a thriving center of the city. We wanted to celebrate features that recall the historical image of the neighborhood like exposed concrete which creates a literal and figurative foundation to building. We then balanced this through the use of contemporary materials like natural woods and stone as well as a focus on outdoor spaces filled with organics and natural light. Inside the residences, we wanted a distinctly modern design that also provided a clean palette for the residents to decorate and adorn how they like. We incorporated a lot of clean crisp white walls to give a touch of gallery-feel and to create a calm soft mood that contrasts the energy of the city."

- RG Architecture

MINE Design

MINE is a design company that partners with residential developers to create beautifully designed spaces and turn them into immersive shoppable stores. They collaborated with The Quinn design team to develop a unique lobby space, entry experience, rooftop lounge and modeled homes.

"When designing for The Quinn we took inspiration from the ever-changing people and landscape of the city itself. We wanted to create a space that offers boundless inspiration while simultaneously providing residents with a neutral canvas from which to shape their lives. Entering the lobby we want you to feel invited and be inspired by the rich wall paneling and KFiSH’s dramatic mural. Turning the corner toward the elevators you will find an illuminated path created by a wave of lights overhead and cascading shadows along the walls. On the rooftop, plush cushions envelop you as you watch the ever-changing moods of the city below."



One of the most unique features of The Quinn is the signature art collection and installations by KFiSH, placed throughout the building and residences. Kelcey Fisher aka (KFiSH) is an artist, muralist, designer and creator based in Los Angeles and, from the streets to the gallery, is known for his distinct ‘controlled chaos’ pattern work. Some of his recent collaborations include work with RipCurl, Motor Trend, Alfa Romeo, KorShots and Winc Wine.

"I approached the installations at The Quinn with a perspective that I wanted the art to span across all forms of my work. As you walk through the Quinn you will see a timeline of the progression of my work, from the controlled chaos pattern in the courtyard to the more textured mixed media murals painted in the lobby and on the exterior wall off of Rodgers Street wall mural. The central imagery in these murals is based on sketches I revisited from my past and updated for this place and time. It’s a culmination of sorts. And a journey, through both the building and my body of work."


Buka Designs

Buka Design and Hardwoods is a Bali-based collective of craftsmen who produce inspired custom furniture and furnishings for a variety of hospitality and luxury homes. Buka was brought in to create some unique accessories and bespoke pieces throughout the building, like the signature rooftop sectional as well as the organic planters throughout the grounds and the bike box covers in front of the garden units.

"The respect for craft and honest materials has always been at the core of our designs. Our creative collaboration for The Quinn not only embraces this, but also drives the designs to reflect the context of the neighborhood."

- Buka Designs

Ushi Taro Ramen

Ushi Taro Ramen is opening in the on-site restaurant space at The Quinn, bringing their signature menu right to your front door.

Ushi Taro began when Kenny Zhu and his partner decided to bring something different to the ramen scene in the Bay Area, and focus on beef bone broth and vegan ramen, quickly making it a foodie favorite in San Francisco.

"For our new space in The Quinn, we will be unveiling a new concept that will further our exploration and refinement in the ramen realm."

-Ushi Taro Ramen