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The Quinn puts you in the beating heart of SoMa, at the intersection of the city. We call it an authentic San Franciscan experience – central, super connected, endlessly walkable, vibrant and full of life, creativity, tech and culture. If you want everything the city has to offer, from one stepping-off point, this is your address.

And you won’t have to go far since the Owner of San Francisco's favorite Ushi Taro will be opening his own restaurant at The Quinn just steps from the lobby front door.

Ushi Taro at The Quinn

The concept behind Ushi Taro was to elevate ramen by focusing on specialized ingredients while bringing something new and unique to the ramen scene in the Bay Area.

“For us, that exploration and refinement led to our signature combination of beef bone broth, black truffle and olives. As ramen lovers, we are trying to offer something different than what people usually find in restaurants which are mainly pork and chicken broth. We also explore deeper notions of this path, including dishes with beef bone marrow and oxtail, as well as formats like Tsukemen, ramen with dipping broth on the side. ”

Kenny Zhu

Owner, Ushi Taro


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